The emergence of the Ḥadīṯ as the authority of knowledge

Colloque international avec Walid Saleh (Université de Toronto), Scott Lucas (Université d’Arizona) et Aisha Geissinger (Université de Carleton), au Caire du 11 au 13 janvier 2018.

Interactions between Twelver Shiites and Christians: history, theology, literature

International conference with the participation of Rudi Matthee (University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware) and Francis Richard (CNRS, Paris), in Paris, France, Wednesday, April 11, through Friday, April 13, 2018.

Hostilité envers les musulmans : société, médias et politique

Colloque organisé le 11 septembre 2017 à l’Université de Fribourg.

Scriptural Reasoning: A performative practice of dialogue in Innsbruck

Since January 2015 students, teachers and interested people regularly meet at the University of Innsbruck to practice “Scriptural Reasoning”. Christians and Muslims discuss verses from the Bible and the Quran and thus get to know each other in a better way. The next meeting will take place in Innsbruck on 5 July 2017 and is dedicated to Job/ Ayyūb.

Second International Congress of PLURIEL: “Islam and Belonging”

The Editorial Committee of PLURIEL is pleased to inform you of the organization of its second Congress: 26-28 June 2018 in Rome. If you wish to participate to the plenary sessions, please reply to this call for papers, by mid-June 2017 at the latest.