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Islamochristiana 33 (2007), 15-22



Faith and hermeneutics : introduction

First lines of the introduction

“This first contribution is not a study per se. It presents itself only as an introduction to the monographic section of this issue of Islamochristiana devoted to the theme “Faith and hermeneutics”. The articles that make up it fit into the theme; however, the latter is so vast and complex that it emerges barely touched in its many components. Islamochristiana proposes to resume it periodically, in the coming years. Moreover, experts in Christianity and Islam are very familiar with all the discussions relating to the concept of “faith” and are quite aware of the importance of hermeneutics in contemporary thought.

Premières lignes de l’introduction

“Cette première contribution n’est pas une étude proprement dite. Elle se présente seulement comme une introduction à la section monographique du présent numéro d’Islamochristiana consacrée au thème “Foi et herméneutique”. Les articles qui la composent entrent de plain-pied dans le thème ; cependant, ce dernier est tellement vaste et complexe qu’il en ressort à peine effleuré dans se nombreuses composantes. Islamochristiana se propose de le reprendre périodiquement, au cours des prochaines années. D’ailleurs, les experts en christianisme et en islam connaissent fort bien toute les discussions relatives au concept de “foi” et sont tout à fait conscients de l’importance de l’herméneutique dans la pensée contemporaine.”

Resources related toDiscourse Analysis - Hermeneutics


Religious Radicalism. The Challenges of an Ill-Defined Concept in Europe

  • Mohamed-Ali Mostfa

Ali Mostfa, professor of linguistics and discourse analysis at the Catholic University of Lyon, analyses the semantic shifts about the notion of religious radicalism, particularly since the Septemb...


Normativity of Holy Scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

  • Klaus von Stosch
  • Zishan Ahmad Ghaffar

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the orientation towards “holy texts” is central. While in the past it was undisputed that these texts could be understood as directly given by God an...


Original Sin and the Qur’an

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Religious Alterities and Cultural Alterities: Issues of Debate in Islam

  • Samir Arbache

Conference given in Beirut on Tuesday 24 May 2022 during the Pluriel congress on the theme "Islam and Otherness".


Religious Pluralism in Post-“Arab Spring” Morocco

  • Youssef Boutahar

Title of the lecture : "Re-problematizing the Religious Majority-Minority Dialectics in Post-Arab Spring Morocco: Between Subalternity and Digital Disobedience" Given the debate currently prevai...


The Populist Political Style of the Islamist Moroccan party, the PJD

  • Amina Drhimeur

Title of the lecture : 'The «Us» Against the «Others», the Populist Political Style of the Islamist party the PJD' How do religious actors understand an increasingly globalised and pluralistic w...


Unity of God and unity in God – a possible perspective and way of dialogue between the believers?

  • Vanessa Breidy

A shῑ‘ῑ perspective of dialogue developed by D. Mohammad Ali Shomali. Talking about unity between believers and calling them to act upon it is not new in Islam. The Qur’ān and the early history o...


The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse

  • Wael Saleh

Full lecture title : 'The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse: an intra-religious otherness?' In what ways do non-Brother Muslims (especially secular, liberal and ...