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Sepideh Parsapajouh-Terrier

Sepideh Parsapajouh is an anthropologist and researcher at the Centre for the Study of the Social Sciences of Religion (CéSor-EHESS). Her first research was on an Iranian shantytown where she discovered an order based on various solidarity mechanisms. This research led her to the importance of immaterial value systems and religious beliefs in the balance of a society. She now studies various aspects of popular Shia religion, individual and collective, intimate and spectacular, in Iran and elsewhere, in particular practices related to death such as the cult of saints and martyrs.

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Institut Catholique de Paris - France

Islam and Otherness (Paris)

In the global context of identity tensions, migratory flows, depreciation of the image of the Muslim world and its association to Daesh and al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks, the Institute of Science and Theology of Religions in Paris intends to carry out a research on the capacity of Islam to maintain a constructive and peaceful relationship with […]

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Unity of God and unity in God – a possible perspective and way of dialogue between the believers?

  • Vanessa Breidy

A shῑ‘ῑ perspective of dialogue developed by D. Mohammad Ali Shomali. Talking about unity between believers and calling them to act upon it is not new in Islam. The Qur’ān and the early history o...


The Hidden Imam and religious and spiritual authority in Shia Islam

  • Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi

Conference « Religious Authority in Islam », organised by the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions and the Research Unit of the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy), on 18 and 19 November 2...


MIDEO 36 – Iǧtihād and taqlīd in Sunnī and Šīʿī Islam

  • Emmanuel Pisani

The theme of iǧtihād and taqlīd, by pointing to the notional antagonism between independent reasoning on the one hand and submission to the argument of authority on the other, plunges us into the h...


MIDEO 35 – Interactions between Twelver Shiites and Christians

  • Emmanuel Pisani

This volume 35 is made up of a dossier gathering most of the papers presented at the conference held in April 2018 at the Institut Catholique de Paris on the interactions between Imamites and Chris...


From Apology to Dialogue with Others in Shia Islamic Studies: The Case of Muhammad Jawad al-Balaghi

  • Mohammad Zaraket

First International Congress of the University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon (PLURIEL): theological axis Speaker: Mohammad Zaraket, teacher at Saint Joseph University in B...


Ashura in sunnite mirrors, confused borders between joy and sadness

  • Adnane Mokrani

SUMMARY: This article analyzes the Sunnite views of ‘Āshūrā’ and the assassination/martyrdom of al–Ḥusayn, the grandson of the Prophet Muḥammad. It is not an exhaustive work; it is rather selective...