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Welcome to the University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon (PLURIEL)!

PLURIEL has been initiated by the Federation of the Catholic Universities in Europe and Lebanon (FUCE). It aims to promote the link between researchers on Islam and the Muslim-Christian dialogue, in connection with Eastern Christians, and to foster the interaction between academics, social actors and economic organisations. The aim is also to open up research fields on Islam and to develop methodological tools to avoid cultural misunderstandings.

This electronic platform is the virtual showcase of all research groups. It informs about the latest news, publications, and events including lectures, workshops, symposia and international conferences. It also offers electronic resources: videos, articles, etc.

PLURIEL Congress

The proceedings of the Congress "Islam and Belonging" are now available.

[COVID-19] The Congress is postponed to April 13-16, 2021, in Beirut.

Our third International Congress will be in Saint Joseph University of Beirut, on the theme "Islam and Otherness".

A study stay is proposed, including the 2 days of Congress, 1 day of workshops at Sagesse University and 1 day of visits.