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Amina Drhimeur

After a master’s degree in International and Diplomatic Studies at Mohamed V University in Rabat, Morocco, Amina Drhimeur is, since 2020, a PhD student in political science at Sciences Po Lyon, France, on the topic “The evolution of political parties in power, a comparison between Turkey and Morocco”, co-directed by Jean-Louis Marie, professor of political science at Sciences Po Lyon and Haoues Seniguer, lecturer in political science at Sciences Po Lyon.

In parallel, she is a lecturer in Political Systems of the Arab World, and in methodology on the socio-anthropology of Arab societies, in 2022-2023. Since 2017, she is also a research associate at the Center for Applied Research in Partnership with the Orient at the University of Bonn in Germany.

Amina Drhimeur has also taught English as a professor at the École Centrale de Casablanca (2017-2021) and at the Université Lyon II (January 2022-December 2023).

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