Assistant professor of law, freedom of expression and freedom of religion in European countries - Universidad Pontificia Comillas.
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Université et pays de rattachement
Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Spain
Fonction actuelle

Assistant Professor of Law

Titres académiques

Ph.D. (Law), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2014

J.D. (Juris Doctorate), Pace University School of Law (New York), 2011

M.A. (International Development Policy, University of Manchester (England), 2005

B.A. (Political Science and English Literature), University of Vermont (U.S.A.), 2004

Domaines d’enseignement

Human rights

International public law

Sub Saharan Africa

International criminal law

International development law

Comparative constitutional law

Freedom of expression and freedom of religion in European countries

Domaine de recherche

Access to justice, sexual violence and protection of marginal population in Sub Saharan Africa

Thématique de recherche

Access to justice

Publications / contributions

Adam Dubin & David Lawson (eds.), What Works for Africa’s Poorest: Access to Justice in Sub Saharan Africa, Practical Action Publishing, United Kingdom (2016).

Adam Dubin & Bruno Martin Baumeister, Postgraduate Legal Education Reform in Spain and Its Impact on the Internationalization of the Spanish Law Student, Russian Law : Theory and Practice, Fall 2015.

Adam Dubin, “Human Rights Protection Through Values, Methodology and Regional Focus,” in El Interés Publico en América Latina: Reflexiones desde la Educaciòn Legal Clinica y el Trabajo ProBono, Universidad del Rosario (Forthcoming 2015).

Adam Dubin & David Lawson, “Innovations in Access to Justice for the Poor: A Case Study on Uganda and Malawi,” in: What Works for the Poorest 2? Anthem Publishing, England (2015 Forthcoming).

Comparative and Regional Law: Lesotho, Africa, Year in Review (2014), American Bar Association.

Adam Dubin & Jennifer Rosenberg, Genero y Reconstrucion en Haiti (Gender and Reconstruction in Haiti), in “Una Discusion Sobre Proyecto Intercultural y Desarrollo (eds.),” (Author: Prof. Oscar Perez de la Fuente, Universidad Carlos III) Dykinson Publishing, 2013.

Thématique de recherche