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José Carlos Romero

I am Researcher Assistant at the IIT where, in addition to my research activity, I am teacher of Sustainable Development in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of ICAI. I graduated as an Industrial Engineer at the University of Málaga and studied the Master in Engineering Systems Research in Comillas. At present I am developing my doctoral thesis on models of sustainable energy systems. Throughout my career I have participated in research and consultancy projects related to energy sustainability indicators at urban, regional and national levels; the adaptation of the energy system to climate change; the technical-economic analysis of energy poverty and the development of future energy scenarios. I have been a visiting researcher at the Environmental Sustainability Institute at Loyola University in Chicago. In addition to my research activities at the IIT, I am a member of the Academic Committee of the Chair of Science, Technology and Religion, and collaborator in other interdisciplinary projects at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Source : Institute for Research in Technology


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