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PLURIEL - Plateforme universitaire de recherche sur l'Islam en Europe et au Liban

PLURIEL General Assembly

Pluriel’s general assembly, bringing together the coordination committee and the referents of research groups, will be held via videoconference on January 15 2021.

The agenda sees the election of the new coordination committee, the review of current projects, the organization of the “Islam and otherness” congress as well as the preparation of the next congress.

Due to the health situation and travel restrictions, we decided to organise this GA by videoconference.

L’assemblée générale de Pluriel, réunissant le comité de coordination et les référents de groupes de recherche, se tiendra en visioconférence le vendredi 15 janvier 2021.

L’ordre du jour voit l’élection du nouveau comité de coordination, la revue des projets en cours, l’organisation du congrès “islam et altérité” ainsi que l’élaboration du congrès suivant.

La situation sanitaire et les restrictions de déplacements nous poussent à organiser cette AG en visioconférence.

Resources related to keywords


Jacques Lanfry. A lion, the Church and Islam

Jacques Lanfry (1910-2000) joined the White Fathers in 1933 and is one of the missionary figures whose commitment illustrates that of the Catholic Church in favour of a dialogue with Muslims. Passi...


God’s Word and Human Language Christian theology of revelation and Islamic positions on the inimitability of the Koran

God’s Word is at the centre of both the Christian and Islamic faiths. Revelation and language are thus closely related in both religions. Tobias Specker brings Islamic and Christian theology,...


MIDEO 36 – Iǧtihād and taqlīd in Sunnī and Šīʿī Islam

The theme of iǧtihād and taqlīd, by pointing to the notional antagonism between independent reasoning on the one hand and submission to the argument of authority on the other, plunges us into the h...


The secular movement in Lebanon 2006-2019

It was in 2006 that the secular idea (al-‘almâniyya), which the master Boutros al-Bustanî forged in 1861 in his journal Nafîr Sûriyâ, took a political and militant form, when a number of acti...


Words of the Sufis. Muslim Mysticism and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

Author : Maurice de Fenoyl, sj Resource related to the group « Islam and society in contemporary Spain » Résumé : This compilation of Sufi texts sets in relation Saint Ignatius’ Spiritual Ex...


The challenges of religious visibility in the liberal public space

Western modernity has engaged the religious question, over the past thirty years in processes that show an increased interaction between religiosity, visibility and urban public space. At a time wh...


Religions and Constitutional Transitions in the Muslim Mediterranean. The pluralistic moment


The sealing of prophethood in Islam

The notion of khatm al-nubuwwa, as the end of prophethood, has emerged as a fundamental theological doctrine in Islam. From the death of Muḥammad in 632, it was at the heart of multiple controversi...