Zwischen Dolorismus und Perfektionismus. Konturen einer politischen Theologie der Verwundbarkeit.(

Publication of Michaela NEULINGER, University of Innsbruck

Is God a lawgiver? Christian and Muslim perspectives on Ius divinum

Publication of a book by the thematic research group of Frankfurt

The Sorrowful Muslim’s Guide by Hussein Amin

Publication of the Institute for the Studiy of Muslim Civilisations of the Aga Khan University

Islamic populism: a non-Western response to globalisation

Article of Alberto PRIEGO in Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals

In search for an Aggiornamento of Islam

Publication of Wael SALEH, Editions L’Harmattan, Collection “Etudes post-printemps arabes” (Book in French)

Muslim Theology of Religions

Number 33 of the Scientific journal “MIDEO” by the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies

Proceedings of the first PLURIEL Congress

Publication of the proceedings of the Congress : Islam in plural. Thought, faith and society

Islam and democracy

Number 85-86 of the scientific journal “POLIGRAFI” edited in Slovenia