Inaugural Speech of the Academic year at the Faculty of Theology of Granada, Spain

Villagrán, Gonzalo, Conversaciones transformadoras. Una metodología para el diálogo islamo-cristiano en el campo del pensamiento social religioso, Facultad de Teología de Granada, Granada 2017.

Text in Spanish, 61 pages

In this work, Prof. Villagrán enters the debate around the idea of a comparative theology, a current developed by the American theologian Frank Clooney. Prof. Villagran wants to explore the possibilities of comparative theology as a theological method in the field of Islamic-Christian dialogue. The book gathers the nuances and objections made to this theological current by authors like Tobias Specker or David Tracy. In a second moment, Prof. Villagrán projects the debate around comparative theology into the field of interreligious social thought. Firstly, he reflects on the implementation of the comparative approach in the social and political field; secondly, the author approaches, from a comparative perspective, the concepts of common good, taken from Catholic social thought, and maslaha (public interest), from the Islamic juridical tradition.