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Najam Abbas

Dr Najam Abbas is a senior Research Associate and Editorial Assistant at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, U.K
He worked in Tajikistan with the Aga Khan Humanities Project for Central Asia (1997-2000). Between 2000 to 2002 Najam served as Outreach & Training Coordinator, University of Central Asia, at Khorog, Tajikistan campus piloting innovative distance education programs (including some through radio) for giving access to resources to adult learners in isolated communities. In 1998, he completed his Ph D from Tajik National University, based on his postgraduate researchon Kazakhstan’s Post-Independence Press at the Kazakh State University in Almaty (1994-97). Najam has a Master’s in Political Science. For his Bachelor’s degree Najam studied Economics in Muslim settings, Fiqh and Arabic. Since 2006. Najam is an Editorial Board Member for Central Eurasian Reader: A Biennial Journal of Critical Bibliography and Epistemology of Central Eurasian Studies.

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Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Spain

HIWAR – Building bridges with Islam (Madrid)

Project HIWAR was conceived on the grounds of a group of researchers from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that had the committed dedication to converse, get closer to and build bridges with Islam. Making the most of the experience of inter-religious dialogue that the Society of Jesus has been developing from General Congregation 34, this group aims to deepen the experience involved in sharing those values that unite us with other religious denominations in general and in particular with Islam.

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