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HIWAR – Building bridges with Islam (Madrid)

Project HIWAR was conceived on the grounds of a group of researchers from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that had the committed dedication to converse, get closer to and build bridges with Islam. Making the most of the experience of inter-religious dialogue that the Society of Jesus has been developing from General Congregation 34, this group aims to deepen the experience involved in sharing those values that unite us with other religious denominations in general and in particular with Islam.
For this, and as urged by Father General Arturo Sosa SJ in the most recent General Congregation we feel like companions in a mission of Reconciliation and Justice” and all who seek the common good, are called to contribute from their religious-spiritual traditions towards the building of peace, on local and global levels”.
Thus, from the HIWAR group we aim to develop a series of activities, both academic and dissemination activities that have no other aim than to bring together those that, being brothers, have been separated by fundamentalism, intolerance or simply through lack of knowledge.


Psicology, Political Science, Economy, Law, internacional Relations, History and Theology

Research Areas and projects

The Fight against Islamophobia (ongoing) funded by Comillas University  /  Islamic Finances (ongoing) funded by Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (Ministry of Economy)  / Inter-Religious Dialogue  /  Economy and Halal Certification / De-radicalisation and prevention of terrorism. /. (Public) Islamic Diplomacy / Islamic Art and Culture
Presentation of the project “Hiwar” on the website of Comillas University  :

Group members

Najam Abbas

Researcher about Central Asia at the Institute for Ismaili Studies, UK

Diego Alonso-Lasheras

Professor of Moral Theology and Social Ethics in the Pontificia Università Gregoriana

John L. Esposito

Professor of Religion & International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University

Carmen Marquez

Assistant professor in theology, Pontifical University Comillas

Bruno Martín Baumeister

Associate Professor and researcher about islamic finance - Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Henar Pizzaro

Full Professor (Psicology), Comillas University

Alberto Priego Moreno

Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Maria Prieto-Ursua

Professor of Psychology, Researcher on the Psychology of Forgiveness, Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Lucciano Zaccara

Assistant Professor Qatar University, Center for Gulf Studies