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Cristiana Cianitto

Cristiana Cianitto is an expert of the relations between law and religion in the United Kingdom. She attended the Faculty of Law in the Università degli Studi di Milano, where she got her degree in 2000 and her PhD in 2005. In 2002 she got a three months grant from the European Union as a Marie Curie Fellowship to study in the University of Wales – Cardiff under the supervision of prof. C. Norman Doe. In particular she studied the Church of England and the British legal system. Since October 2007, she is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law of the Università degli Studi di Milano. She also teaches Anglican Canon Law in the Faculty of Theology in Lugano. Her main fields of  investigation are Church and State relationships in UK with a particular attention to the Anglican canon law and the British legal system in relation to religious issues; hate crimes, hate speech, freedom of religion and freedom of expression in UK, USA, India and Italy.

Member of the Research group

Islam in Europe (Closed)

The project aims at studying the legal statute of the Islamic communities in the EU countries.

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Resources related to the key wordLiberté religieuse


Religious Traditions in the Face of the Crisis of the Liberal System: The Case of Islam

Proceedings of the conference organised by the Cathoilic University of Milan on October 9th, 2019. Abstract :  Religions have regained a considerable role in the public space, to an extent that was...


The Ḏhimmī as the Other of Multiple Convivencias in al-Andalus

  • Raja Sakrani

The figure of ḏhimmī is certainly the most emblematic juristic figure in the history of Islamic law. Strangely, it also has the juristic status of being the most ambiguous and complex, as it lacks a ...


The Mihna. Deconstruction and reconsideration of the Mu’tazilite role in the “Inquisition

  • Marco Demichelis

Abstract The Miḥna has usually been attributed to the Mu‘tazilite theological school as expression of something unusual, a bid‘ah (Islamic innovation) related to a rationalist group of theologia...


The right of religious freedom between the two shores of the Mediterranean: dynamics and perspectives (Italian)

  • Alessandro Ferrari

Speaker: Prof. Alessandro Ferrari Moderator: P. Laurent Basanese, S.J. Pontificia Universita Gregoriana, November 19th, 2018 Original title : "È diritto di libertà religiosa tra le due spo...


The right to religious freedom: a tool for managing citizen pluralism on both sides of the Mediterranean

  • Alessandro Ferrari

Original title : "Il diritto di libertà religiosa: strumento di gestione del pluralismo cittadino sulle due rive del mediterraneo" Lecture by Alessandro FERRARI at the second international Congr...


Belonging(s) and territory(s) to the prism of religiosity (al-tadayyun) in current Arab-Muslim thought

  • Wael Saleh

Lecture by Wael SALEH, at the second International Congress of PLURIEL in Rome. As Syrian thinker Burhan Ghalioun [1] French historian Dominique Avon [2], Moroccan philosopher Abd al-Ila h Balqazi...


Congress ‘Islam and Belonging’ : introduction

  • Leïla Babès

Introduction of Leïla Babès at the second international Congress of PLURIEL in Rome


Blasphemy in Islam yesterday and today

Lecture by Hamadi REDISSI, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tunis, given on 26 June 2018 at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome within the framework of the second interna...