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Claudio Monge

Born in Saluzzo (Italy) on 28 May 1968, living in Istanbul since the beginning 2004.President of URT (Union of Religious in Turkey) 2008-2011, member of CRME(Ecumenical Committee of CCEE and CEC for Islam in Europe) 2005-2010, Member ofDominican General Secretary for Interfaith Dialogue since 2001, Invited Professor ofTheology of Religions in Fribourg University (Switzerland) 2007-2014, and InvitedProfessor to Bologna Theological Faculty (Italy) since 2007. Visiting Professor at TorontoUniversity – Ontario – Canada, October 2013-February 2014. Visiting Professor at ThePontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sur (PUCRS) in Porto Alegre (Brazil) –November 2015.
Since April 2014 Consultant to the Pontifical Council for InterreligiousDialogue.

Member of the Research group

Institut Catholique de Paris - France

Dialogue between diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking (Closed)

e are always East or West of another culture. What happens when cultures meet? What happens when a Chinese person encounters a European line of thought or speech, the structures of which have been built and developed over centuries? Similarly, what happens when a Western individual encounters a Chinese idea, born out of a Chinese culture that has also been built and developed over centuries? Is it enough to know the language?

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