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Dialogue between diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking (Closed)

We are always East or West of another culture. What happens when cultures meet? What happens when a Chinese person encounters a European line of thought or speech, the structures of which have been built and developed over centuries? Similarly, what happens when a Western individual encounters a Chinese idea, born out of a Chinese culture that has also been built and developed over centuries? Is it enough to know the language? Is it enough to have lived in the other’s environment? On a broader level, what is involved in thinking and communicating in a particular culture, a religious tradition, a certain milieu and how do these acts of thinking and communicating interact with their counterparts in other cultures and traditions?


Group members

Emmanuel Pisani

Director of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO, Cairo).

Claudio Monge

Doctor in theology of religions, director of DoStI (Centre for Dominican Studies in Istanbul).

Anne-Sophie Vivier-Muresan

Doctor in theology and anthropology, director of the ISEO - Institut Supérieur d'Études Œcuméniques at the Institut catholique de Paris.

Thierry-Marie Courau

Professor and honorary dean of Theologicum, Catholic Institute of Paris

Denis Villepelet


Gabriel Hagai

ELIE Hervé

Karim Ifrak

Research assistant at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Paris.

Agnès Mi-Jeung Kim

Responsable du Département religions et cultures - Facultés de la Compagnie de Jésus à Paris (Centre Sèvres).

Dinh Si Ngo

Roberta Collu Moran

Doctor in anthropology - Institut Catholique de Paris.

Xavier Gravend-Tirole

Ph. D. student at the University of Lausanne. Interreligious and interspiritual dialogue, missiology, spiritual theology, history of ideas.

Ysé Tardan Masquelier

Historian of religions, specialist in Hinduism and yoga, professor at the Catholic Institute of Paris

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