Professor of Islam in South Asia - University of Oxford.
Adresse mail
Université et pays de rattachement
University of Oxford - United Kingdom
Fonction actuelle
  • Associate Professor in the Study of Religion, Faculty of Theology and Religion
Titres académiques
  • Theology and Religion (MA, Cambridge, 2002)
  • Historical Studies (MPhil, Cambridge, 2003)
  • South Asian Studies (PhD, Cambridge, 2007)
Domaines d’enseignement
  • Modern Islam
  • History of South Asia (India, Pakistan etc)
  • Methods and themes in the modern study of religion
  • Comparative religion
  • Imperialism, postcolonialism and world history
  • Orientalism, cultural exchange and East-West/ interreligious relations
Domaine de recherche
  • Islam in South Asia
  • Currents of Islamic renewal and reform in the modern world, especially in Muslim minority contexts (e.g. India, Europe)
  • Shi‘i Islam
  • Islamic law
Thématique de recherche
  • Modern inter/intra-religious relations (especially Muslim-Christian and Shi’i-Sunni)
  • Legal practices in contemporary Islam
  • Leadership and community in Muslim minority societies
Publications / contributions
  • Justin Jones and Ali Usman Qasmi eds., The Shi‘a of South Asia: religion, history and politics (Cambridge University Press: Delhi, 2015).
  • ‘‘Islam at home: religion, piety and private space in Muslim India and Victorian Britain, c.1850-1905’, in J. Doran and C. Methuen eds., Religion and the household: studies in church history (Boydell and Brewer: Woodbridge, 2014), pp.378-404.
  • Shi‘ism, humanity and revolution in twentieth century India: selfhood and politics in the Husainology of ‘Ali Naqi Naqvi’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (24, 3, 2014), pp.415-434.
  • Justin Jones, Shi‘a Islam in colonial India: religion, community and sectarianism (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2012), 304pp.
  • “‘Signs of churning”: Muslim Personal Law and public contestation in twenty-first century India’, Modern Asian Studies (44, 1, 2010), pp.175-200.