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Maria Prieto-Ursua

María Prieto is a professor of Psychology at the Pontifical University Comillas.
She was the director of the Department of Psychology (2007-2013) and coordinator of the doctoral programme “Individual, family and society: a multidisciplinary vision” (2013-2016).

Her research is focused on two main areas: clinical psychology (gambling addiction, mentally ill minors, psychopathy) and health psychology (work stress, caregiver well-being, psychology of forgiveness, reconciliation, harm).

Based on my professional experience as a therapist, I have always tried to direct my research towards improving the quality of clinical interventions. At present my research activity focuses on the Psychology of Forgiveness, especially the cognitive nature of forgiveness, self-forgiveness and interpersonal reconciliation.

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Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Spain

HIWAR – Building bridges with Islam (Madrid)

Project HIWAR was conceived on the grounds of a group of researchers from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas that had the committed dedication to converse, get closer to and build bridges with Islam. Making the most of the experience of inter-religious dialogue that the Society of Jesus has been developing from General Congregation 34, this group aims to deepen the experience involved in sharing those values that unite us with other religious denominations in general and in particular with Islam.

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