Professor of Psychology, Researcher on the Psychology of Forgiveness, Universidad Pontificia Comillas
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Universidad Pontificia Comillas - Spain
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Tenured, Associate Professor

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Domaines d’enseignement

Psychology (Learning and Conditioning, Health Psychology)

Domaine de recherche

Health and Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology

Thématique de recherche

Psychology of Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Prejudice


Based on my professional experience as a therapist, I have always tried to direct my research towards improving the quality of clinical interventions. At present my research activity focuses on the Psychology of Forgiveness, especially the cognitive nature of forgiveness, self-forgiveness and interpersonal reconciliation.

Publications / contributions

Last 5 years

Prieto-Ursúa, M., Ordóñez, A. y Dushimimana, F. (2019). How can it be possible? Psychological processes of reconciliation after the genocide in Rwanda. Papeles del Psicólogo, 40(1), 57-63.

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