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Roman Siebenrock

Siebenrock studied Catholic theology, philosophy and adult education at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Munich from 1977 to 1984. In 1993 he received his doctorate. Since March 2006 Siebenrock has been professor of dogmatics at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Innsbruck. In 2011 Siebenrock signed the memorandum Kirche 2011: Ein notwendiger Aufbruch. (Church 2011: A necessary departure. )

Coordinator of the Research Centre of the University of Innsbruck at the Faculty of Catholic Theology
Member of the editorial board of the Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie (since 2007)
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Karl Rahner Prize for Theological Research (since 2008)
President of the International German Newman Society e.V. (seat Freiburg i.Br.), since 2003
President of the Austrian section of the European Theological Society (since 2011)

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Universität Innsbruck - Austria

Religion – Violence – Communication – World Order (Innsbruck)

RGKW (Religion-Gewalt-Kommunikation-Weltordnung) is an interdisciplinary centre of research based at the Faculty of Catholic Theology (Innsbruck). It conducts fundamental research in the field of religion-communication-violence-world order and particularly focusses on the relevance of revelation and (ecclesiastical) practice today in communication with other religions and “Weltanschauungen” in a plural society. Guided by a common topic (since 2014: […]

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‘Inimitable’ Koran ?

  • Tobias Specker

Interview with Pr. Tobias Specker, professor of Catholic Theology in the light of Islam at Sankt Georgen Graduate school of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt, Germany, about his book : Gottes Wort...


Christian approaches to Islam: tensions, displacement, issues

  • Michel Younès

More and more Christians are questioning the reality of Islam and the place of a religion that appeared after the advent of Christ, confessed as the ultimate manifestation of God to the world. But ...


‘On how to discern the truth of religion’, by Hunayn b. Isḥāq. The impersonal recension

  • Diego Sarrió Cucarella

Abstract This article contributes to the study of Christian Arabic literature by providing an introduction and English translation of the treatise entitled Kayfiyyat idrāk ḥaqīqat al-diyāna, ‘On...


Islamochristiana 44

  • Valentino Cottini

Issue number 44 of Islamochristiana is entirely dedicated to Maurice Borrmans, MAfr, who, together with the PISAI staff, founded the journal in 1975 and remained its editor almost interruptedly unt...


The document on human fraternity: a new horizon for Islamic-Christian dialogue? (Italian)

  • Valentino Cottini
  • Adnane Mokrani
  • Laurent Basanese

Lecturers : Adnane Mokrani, P. Laurent Basanese S.J. Moderator: Valentino Cottini   Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, April 8th, 2019 This conference marks the launch of the r...


“Cum aestimatione” : Konturen einer christlichen Islamtheologie

  • Anja Middelbeck-Varwick

Great appreciation (Cum aestimatione) has been characteristic of the dialogue of the Catholic Chruch with Islam since the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). Nevertheless, essentials remain theologic...



  • Klaus von Stosch


Herausforderung Islam. Christliche Annäherungen

  • Klaus von Stosch