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Religion – Violence – Communication – World Order (Innsbruck)

RGKW (Religion-Gewalt-Kommunikation-Weltordnung) is an interdisciplinary centre of research based at the Faculty of Catholic Theology (Innsbruck). It conducts fundamental research in the field of religion-communication-violence-world order and particularly focusses on the relevance of revelation and (ecclesiastical) practice today in communication with other religions and “Weltanschauungen” in a plural society. Guided by a common topic (since 2014: Pope Francis and his reform process) the members of the group contribute from their respective main research areas.


Two main approaches:

  1. Dramatic Theology
  2. Communicative Theology

Concerning Islam there are currently the following areas of research within RGKW:

  1. Developing a possible Christian approach towards Muhammad being a prophet
  2. Divine attributes from a Christian – Jewish – Muslim perspective
  3. Islam and the secular / Islam in a secular Europe
  4. Developing an interreligious model of religious education: a cooperation between the Institutes of Catholic Religious Education and Islamic Religious Education at the University of Innsbruck


Group members

Martina Kraml

University Professor of Catechesis/Religious Education and Didactics at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Innsbruck

Wolfgang Palaver

Professor of social ethics, honorary dean of the faculty of catholic theology - Universität Innsbruck.

Michaela Quast-Neulinger

Professor of Fundamental Theology and Religious Studies at the Faculty of Catholic Theology in Innsbruck

Roman Siebenrock

Professor of Systematic Theology - Universität Innsbruck.

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