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Thom Sicking

Thom Sicking is the Director of the “Centre for the Study and Interpretation of Religious Fact” (CEDIFR) of the Faculty of Religious Sciences at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. He is Doctor of Sociology and Former Dean of the Faculty of Religious Sciences. He also is member of the Editorial Board of the magazine “Proche-Orient Chrétien”. His research interests are Sociology and Anthropology of religion.

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Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth - Lebanon

Religion in a mixed Muslim-Christian context (Closed)

The complex context of Lebanon, with its 12 Christian denominations and 4 Muslim groups, calls for an interpretation of the relationships between these denominations in all aspects. Our team is interested in studying their position in the public space, the relationship between each other, their places of worship and their shared rituals. The relationship between […]

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