Concilium is currently published in six languages and can claim to be the most-widely read theological journal in the world.

Part One: Thinking About Cultural and Religious Rationals

Interreligious Epistemoligical and Hermneutic Paradigms
Jean-Jacques Wunenburger

An Observation on the Thought Patterns of the Han Ethnicity and their Impact on Religions and Theologies
Huang Po Ho

Part Two: In Touch with Realities in the Field

The Interplay of Identities in Contacts Between Europe and Insulandia in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Romain Bertrand

Relation and Opacity: Exchanging Without Getting Lost
Anne Douaire Banny

Reasoning emerging from Resistance Movements against the Violence of the System
Carlos Mendoza-Álvarez

Part Three: On Truth and Universalism

The Metaphorical Truth: Notes on Universality in the Works of Paul Ricoeur
Olivier Abel

Truth, Respect for the Singular, and Universality in Dialogue
François Bousquet

Part Four: Some Theological Perspectives

Christian Faith and Socio-Cultural Rationalities. Reflections from Asia
Felix Wilfred

Dialogue as a Hope of Truth
Bruno Cadoré

Towards Unity: Responding Together to Truth’s Call
Thierry-Marie Courau

Part Five: Theological Forum

Faceless Poor Make a Saint: Mother Teresa in Context
Felix Wilfred

The Interpellations of Pope Francis in Present Day Theology
Hermann Rodriguez Osorio


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