Un article de Lea FIEDLER sous la direction de Gonzalo VILLAGRAN

Fiedler, Lea, “Ser musulmán en un colegio jesuita. Alumnos cuentan su experiencia en el SAFA ICET” Proyección 268 (2018) 31-56


This article presents the process and the results of an investigation realized in a college in Málaga called “SAFA ICET” about their Muslim student body. The goal was to get to know the experiences they have made with being confronted by the values of Andalusian society and the catholic/Jesuit character of the school. Therefore, 16 interviews were carried out and later compared and analyzed. Moreover, the article historically examines the judicial situation of Muslim communities in Spain, with special regards to religious Islamic education, and responds to questions about identity, integration and interreligious dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

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