Program of the conference in Fribourg/Switzerland, 11./12.9.2019, and call for posters (deadline May 31st)

Conference of the Swiss Center for Islam and Society (University of Freiburg) on September 11-12, 2019 :

Islamic Social Work? From Community Services to Committment to the Common Good

Conferences in french and english




Call for Research Posters (Deadline : May 31st) :

A series of poster-panels will be displayed on the conference site (11th September 16.00h to 12th September 19.00h) and used to showcase ongoing or completed post-graduate and early-career research projectsas well as projects of research institutes. Presenting a poster means reaching the conference audience and providingthe opportunity for in-depth discussion about your current work

Contact to submit a poster : Arlinda Amiti M.A. :

Contact for the conference : Prof. Dr. Hansjörg Schmid
Direktor, Schweizerisches Zentrum für Islam und Gesellschaft