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Islam : Economy, Society and Politics (Closed)

The team will research about the vision that Islam has on: Economy, Sociology and Political System. The main objective is to achieve a better knowledge of these realities to promote mutual understanding.

The team will adopt a multidisciplinary approach. We have therefore selected different researchers with different backgrounds (Economy, Political Science, Sociology, Theology and Law).

Affiliation institution(s)

Group members

Alberto Priego Moreno

Professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas

Josep Buades

Director of the Claver Association, Jesuit Service for Migrants in Spain

Fernando Vidal

HAMMAOUI Abdelaziz

Diego Alonso-Lasheras

Professor of Moral Theology and Social Ethics in the Pontificia Università Gregoriana

Bruno Martín Baumeister

Associate Professor and researcher about islamic finance - Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Adam Dubin

Assistant professor of law, freedom of expression and freedom of religion in European countries - Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

Julio Martinez

Rector, professor of social moral theology, researcher about religious freedom and interreligious dialogue in Europe - Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

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