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Roberta Collu Moran

2008-2015: Lecturer at the Institut Catholique de Paris. ISP- Faculty of Education – Education Managers Course of the Master Education and Training Religion and religious fact, Religious training and secularity, Principle and logic of non-discrimination (supervision of theses)

– Lecturer at the ISTR-Science and Theology of Religions, 2nd cycle diploma Contemporary Judaism, General Introduction to Judaism, Jews, Christians and Muslims in History (supervision of theses)
– Deputy Director, University Diploma Judaism, Christianity, Islam: practices, doctrines, interactions

Research themes :

  • Anthropology of contemporary Jewish societies: religious and social practices, symbolic, economic and political aspects. Transmission of Jewish identities and collective memories.
  • Religious plurality in France and Europe, in its double dimension of recognition and conflict. Relations and dialogue between religious groups, interethnic relations. Intercultural education. The question of religious belief, devotional practices and pilgrimages.

Affiliation institution(s)

Member of the Research group

Institut Catholique de Paris - France

Dialogue between diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking (Closed)

e are always East or West of another culture. What happens when cultures meet? What happens when a Chinese person encounters a European line of thought or speech, the structures of which have been built and developed over centuries? Similarly, what happens when a Western individual encounters a Chinese idea, born out of a Chinese culture that has also been built and developed over centuries? Is it enough to know the language?

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