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Issa Diab

Professor of Semitic Studies at Saint Joseph University, Beirut : ancient religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Languages, History, and Relations and Dialogue.
Researcher and activist in relations and dialogue. Consultant in Bible translation with the Universal Bible Alliance. Professor at Saint Joseph University and the Near East School of Theology

Member of the Lebanon Biblical Federation, a part of the Catholic Biblical Federation in the World. Member of a research committee in the University of Strasbourg on the Targum and Judaic Studies. Founding member of Academic Alliance for Reconciliation Studies in the Middle East and Northern Africa (AARMENA)


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Resources related toEastern Christianism


Education And Otherness: What are the Issues in a Context of Diversity?

  • Salim Daccache

In the era of the continuous call for the adoption of citizenship and living together (al Azhar declaration March 2017) and human brotherhood and common coexistence (Abu Dhabi document February 201...


The concept of “citizenship” in the Azhari discourse. Problems and contradictions

  • Mohamed Gamal Ali

The concept of "citizenship" in the Al-Azhar discourse, problems and contradictions Al-Azhar Foundation announces on various occasions its full adoption of the concept of “citizenship,” and the ...


Otherness and nationalisms, the threat of identity to openness

  • Antoine Fleyfel

This talk addresses the issue of Islam and otherness from the perspective of Christians in the Middle East. At the heart of the multiple constructions of identity since the mid-nineteenth century i...


Understanding freedom of religion around the Mediterranean

  • Alessandro Ferrari
  • Amin Elias

How to manage religious plurality? Three researchers from our network look back at the history of the northern, eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean to understand the diversity of legal...


The view of Lebanese Islam on the other: what specificity?

  • Salim Daccache

Salim Daccache, Rector of Saint Joseph University since 2012. Doctor of Letters and Philosophy and in Educational Sciences. Argument: How does Lebanese Islam look at the other, the Christian, it...


‘On how to discern the truth of religion’, by Hunayn b. Isḥāq. The impersonal recension

  • Diego Sarrió Cucarella

Abstract This article contributes to the study of Christian Arabic literature by providing an introduction and English translation of the treatise entitled Kayfiyyat idrāk ḥaqīqat al-diyāna, ‘On...


The use of the word kitab in the Qur’an and in an ancient Arabic version of the Gospels

  • Samir Arbache

Original title : "Le terme kitab dans le Coran et dans une ancienne version arabe des Évangiles" According to A. T. Welch, the Koranic term kitab (Scripture) is one of the most difficult to inte...


When religion divides the “community”. Dynamics of violence and pacification within Arab Levant

  • Marco Demichelis

Conference of Marco DEMICHELIS, at the second international Congress of PLURIEL Abstract Since the nineteenth century, the dynamics of inter-religious conflict within the Arab world accentuated...