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Methodology for analysing radicalisation discourses and counter-discourses

Lecture given on 14 October 2021 at the Catholic University of Lyon during the conference « Radicalisation leading to violence in the name of Islam, Epistemological, methodological and ethical approaches and issues ».

Initiated within the framework of the Entretiens Jacques Cartier in 2019, a collaboration between the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions of the Catholic University of Lyon and the University of Montreal aims to identify the methods and conceptual and epistemological tools to decode the discourses, practices and specific evolutions related to the use of violence in the name of Islam

This conference is the third day of public restitution of the group’s work.
Video produced by PLURIEL.

Conférence donnée le 14 octobre 2021 à l’Université catholique de Lyon lors du colloque « La radicalisation menant à la violence au nom de l’Islam, Approches et enjeux épistémologiques, méthodologiques et éthiques ».

Initiée dans le cadre des Entretiens Jacques Cartier dès 2019, une collaboration entre le Centre d’études des cultures et des religions de l’UCLy et l’Université de Montréal a pour objectif d’identifier les méthodes et les outils conceptuels et épistémologiques pour déchiffrer les discours, les pratiques et les évolutions spécifiques liés au recours à la violence au nom de l’islam.

Ce colloque est la 3è journée de restitution publique des travaux du groupe.
Vidéo réalisée par PLURIEL.

Resources related toDiscourse Analysis - Hermeneutics


Religious Radicalism. The Challenges of an Ill-Defined Concept in Europe

    Auteur(s) :

  • Mohamed-Ali Mostfa

Ali Mostfa, professor of linguistics and discourse analysis at the Catholic University of Lyon, analyses the semantic shifts about the notion of religious radicalism, particularly since the Septemb...


Normativity of Holy Scriptures in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

    Auteur(s) :

  • Klaus von Stosch
  • Zishan Ahmad Ghaffar

In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the orientation towards “holy texts” is central. While in the past it was undisputed that these texts could be understood as directly given by God an...


Original Sin and the Qur’an

    Auteur(s) :

  • Gabriel Said Reynolds

The present article addresses the common view that the Qur’an has no doctrine of original sin. It begins by defining original sin with attention to the Bible and Christian tradition. Thereafter the...


Religious Alterities and Cultural Alterities: Issues of Debate in Islam

    Auteur(s) :

  • Samir Arbache

Conference given in Beirut on Tuesday 24 May 2022 during the Pluriel congress on the theme "Islam and Otherness".


Religious Pluralism in Post-“Arab Spring” Morocco

    Auteur(s) :

  • Youssef Boutahar

Title of the lecture : "Re-problematizing the Religious Majority-Minority Dialectics in Post-Arab Spring Morocco: Between Subalternity and Digital Disobedience" Given the debate currently prevai...


The Populist Political Style of the Islamist Moroccan party, the PJD

    Auteur(s) :

  • Amina Drhimeur

Title of the lecture : 'The «Us» Against the «Others», the Populist Political Style of the Islamist party the PJD' How do religious actors understand an increasingly globalised and pluralistic w...


Unity of God and unity in God – a possible perspective and way of dialogue between the believers?

    Auteur(s) :

  • Vanessa Breidy

A shῑ‘ῑ perspective of dialogue developed by D. Mohammad Ali Shomali. Talking about unity between believers and calling them to act upon it is not new in Islam. The Qur’ān and the early history o...


The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse

    Auteur(s) :

  • Wael Saleh

Full lecture title : 'The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse: an intra-religious otherness?' In what ways do non-Brother Muslims (especially secular, liberal and ...


Islam and Christianity: mutual views and challenges of otherness

    Auteur(s) :

  • Michel Younès

In his book Soi-même comme un autre (Seuil 1990), the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005) builds his reflection on this 'as' which, according to him, allows us to escape from two harmful te...


Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Human Rights and Democracy

    Auteur(s) :

  • Dirk Ansorge

Title of the lecture : 'Embracing the Other: Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri‘s approach to Human Rights and Democracy' In the Western world, the Pakistani politician and Islamic scholar Muhammad Tahir-ul-...