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Bénédicte Du Chaffaut

As a participant in the Islam studies laboratory of the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions for many years, I find it interesting to have a real interdisciplinary approach in a team that brings together Islamic theologians, sociologists and political science researchers.

As a sociologist and theologian specialising in Islam studies, I am concerned about the intersection between academic discourse and field observation. Having long represented France within the Islam Council of Europe, I am interested in the changes in Islam in Europe, in particular the evolution of the status of women.


Member of the Research group

Université catholique de Lyon - France

Centre d'études des cultures et des religions, UCLy - France

Authority and Regulation in Islam (Lyon)

After a research programme on religious, Islamic and Biblical fundamentalism, and a deconstructivist approach to fundamentalism, we thought it was important to approach the notion of authority in link with religion, especially in Islamic context. Persons with authority or identified places of authority are not a simple process. This is all the more true in the Sunni Muslim tradition, the absence of a designation by the Prophet of an institution willing to regulate the religious questions will open the way to a plurality of modalities that may be of theological or theological-political nature.

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Member of the Research group

Université catholique de Lyon - France

Religious fundamentalism (Closed)

The research group seeks to clarify the mechanisms of fundamentalism and its various expressions. Very often, ideological and ritualistic orders are so interwoven that they lead to community identifications.

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