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Antonio Angelucci

Antonio Angelucci is graduated in Law from the University of Pavia (2001). After graduation he started to work in a law firm in Milan and became barrister (2004). Always attentive to issues of philosophy of religions, he started a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law (curriculum Law and Religion and Canon Law) in 2010 and got his Ph.D. degree in 2013.The growing phenomena of hatred and discrimination against religions and minorities prompted him to deepen his studies of comparative religions and comparative religious laws (MA in Canon Law and Comparative Ecclesiastical Law, Summa cum Laude, 2017, curriculum in Comparative Religious Law).

He currently teaches four courses in the Faculty of Theology of Lugano: Introduction to the Islamic Law, Islamic Family Law, Buddhist Law and Hindu Law.

He is member of the Working group for the survey on the definition of anti-Semitism approved by the IHRA – International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers.


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