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Comparative study on religious freedom across the two Mediterranean shores (Como and Varese)

The Research Centre “Religion, Law and Economy in the Mediterranean Area” (“Religioni, Diritti ed Economie nello Spazio Mediterraneo” – REDESM), established within the University of Insubria, aims to foster and develop research, knowledge exchange and education projects related to religious pluralism in the Mediterranean area, with the objective of achieving a better mutual knowledge among different religions, cultures and societies living in this key geopolitical region.

With the interdisciplinary approach that stems from the unique expertise of the Department of Law, Economy and Cultures of the University of Insubria (Como), whose activities include courses in Law, Economy and subjects pertaining to social, cultural and linguistic pluralism, the Centre takes a special interest in the challenges of religious diversity in contemporary societies, both from a legal and a socio-economic perspective.

Fostering a deeper insight into the different issues related to religious pluralism, the Centre seeks to strengthen dialogue and cooperation, in pursuit of common cultural grounds and of peaceful coexistence in the Mediterranean. The Centre will also serve as a research-forum for the discussion of current issues and as a gathering point for people interested in these topics.


Research projects, publications, and education projects will be among the main activities of the Centre, in order to promote knowledge of implications and impacts of religious pluralism in the Mediterranean countries and to disseminate information and research results. Intellectual, cultural and research exchange will be promoted through web-pages, seminars, conferences, public debates, courses, Summer school and other scientific and education activities. All the objectives of the Centre are pursued within a perspective of mutual understanding, respect and appreciation of diversity, seeking a shared interpretation of fundamental rights granted at the International level.

More info on REDESM website :

Group members

Antonio Angelucci

Professor of Religious Law, Facolta di Teologia di Lugano

Michele Brignone

Executive Director of the Oasis Foundation, Professor at the Catholic University of Milan

Flavia Cortelezzi

Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Insubria, Italy

Jinan Limam

Associate Professor in Public Law at the Faculty of Legal, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis

Alessandro Ferrari

Professor of Comparative Religious Laws - Insubria University (Como and Varese).

Roberto Mazzola

Professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Piemonte Orientale

Roula Talhouk

Director of the Institute for the study of Muslim--Christian relations. Professor of theology and religious anthropology

Ilaria Valenzi

Researcher fellow at the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK), Center for Religious Studies.

Lino Panzeri

Associate Professor of Public Law Institutions at the University of Insubria

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