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Nour Farra Haddad

D. in Religious Anthropology, and a lecturer at the University of St. Joseph in Beirut (USJ), the Lebanese University (UL) and the American University for Science and Technologies (AUST). In addition to her PhD in Religious Anthropology, she holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology and two Bachelor’s degrees, in Sociology and Archaeology. She also holds a diploma as a tourist guide from the Ministry of Tourism. Vice president of the Lebanese Tourist Guides Union and founding member of the Association for the Development of Pilgrimages and Religious Tourism attached to the Lebanese Maronite Patriarchal Headquarters in Bkerke, she currently manages a tourism and development consulting company: “NEOS”. She is also co-author of Wiz Kids a specialized guide for children (2011) and author of Eco-Lebanon: Nature and Rural Tourism, a guide to unveil Lebanon (2013).

In 2017, she designed the app “HOLY LEBANON“, a practical virtual guide to Lebanon, the Holy Land and Land of Holiness, supporting sustainable development and interfaith dialogue.

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Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth - Lebanon

Religion in a mixed Muslim-Christian context (Closed)

The complex context of Lebanon, with its 12 Christian denominations and 4 Muslim groups, calls for an interpretation of the relationships between these denominations in all aspects. Our team is interested in studying their position in the public space, the relationship between each other, their places of worship and their shared rituals. The relationship between […]

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