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Pablo López Chaves

Pablo López Chaves is a Post-Doctoral researcher on Contemporary History, whose career has been developed at the Humanities and Political Science Schools of the University of Granada. After graduating with a National Award to the Academic Excellence, he pursued his training with a Master’s Degree in Arabic and Hebrew Cultures. He subsequently obtained a FPU PhD. Grant funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education to develop teaching and research activities based on the Contemporary History Dept. during the 2010-2014 period, subsequently continued with a Postdoctoral Fellowship until April 2016.

He has been invited as speaker by the Andalusian Chair for InterreligiousDialogue (CANDIR), the IBERHIS permanent seminar (Paris IV- La Sorbonne University) andthe University of the Basque country Summer Courses (UPV-EHU).He obtained the Acreditación de Ayudante Doctor (Official Habilitation as Lecturer granted bythe external evaluation Board ANECA) in July 2016.

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Facultad de Teologia de la Universidad Loyola - Spain

Islam and society in contemporary Spain (Granada)

Because the presence of Muslim communities in Spain is relatively recent, and because there is not a long tradition of theological study of Islam, we want to start our dialogue with the Islamic tradition by understanding the characteristics of Islam of Spain and the way it interacts with the rest of the Spanish society. Our […]

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