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Islam and society in contemporary Spain (Granada)

Because the presence of Muslim communities in Spain is relatively recent, and because there is not a long tradition of theological study of Islam, we want to start our dialogue with the Islamic tradition by understanding the characteristics of Islam of Spain and the way it interacts with the rest of the Spanish society.

Our objective is to identify concrete points of conflicts regarding the understanding of social life that exists in the relationship between Islam and society in Spain. In a second moment, we would like to begin a common reflection and a dialogue with Islamic tradition on these points.

Method of approach

In order to study the presence of the Islamic tradition in contemporary Spain, we plan first to implement a multidisciplinary approach that includes sociological, legal and historical study. Secondly, we want to critically read the information obtained from this analysis in the light of the Islamic tradition, social life and Catholic social thought.

Group members

Gonzalo Villagrán

Dean of the Faculty of Theology of Universidad Loyola in Granada. Professor of Christian social ethics

Jaume Flaquer Garcia

Professor of Interreligious Dialogue, Theology of Religions and Islam Studies - Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya.

Marta González García de Paredes

Lecturer on the Middle East at Loyola University, Seville

José Luis Llaquet de Entrambasaguas

Doctor in law and associate professor - Universidad Loyola Andalucía.

Pablo López Chaves

Post-doctoral teaching fellow, Contemporary History Department - University of Granada.

Ignacio Sepúlveda del Río

Assistant professor of political philosophy and philosophy of religion - Universidad Loyola Andalucía.

Eider Muniategi-Azkona

Professor of Social and Political Sciences, Universidad Loyola-Andalucía, Spain.

Olga Torres

Researcher, Vice Rectorate for Research - Universidad de Sevilla.

Juan Macias Amoretti

Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies - University of Granada

Almudena Soler Sánchez

Ph.D. candidate in Inter-Religious Dialogue at Loyola University’s Faculty of Theology in Granada

Fermín Francisco Rodriguez Lopez

Research fellow at the Andalusian chair for interreligious dialogue with islam - CANDIR

Ángel Viñas Vera

Professor of Ethics and Philosophy of Religion at the Universidad Loyola Andalucía.

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