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Elyamine Settoul

Elyamine Settoul holds a master’s degree in political science and a doctorate in political science from the Institut d´Etudes Politiques de Paris (2012). He was a visiting doctoral student at the University of Oxford (OXPO 2011 program) then postdoctoral researcher at the National Institute of Demographic Studies and Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute of Florence (2013 -2015). A researcher associated with IRSEM, his research revolves around the sociological and institutional transformations of the armed forces, the management of diversity as well as the phenomena of radicalization and jihadism. He teaches at Sciences Po Paris and collaborates in research / consultancy with several French and European establishments. He is a lecturer at the Conservatoire National des arts et métiers in Paris where he directs the Prevention of radicalization certification.


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Resources related toRadicalization


Religious radicalization. Process of a controversial concept

  • Mohamed-Ali Mostfa

Introduction : I would like to seize the opportunity of my first participation to the Mediterranean website to raise the issue of radicalisation as a concept, which has permeated the political a...


Innovative social work practices by Islamic grassroots organizations in Switzerland

  • Baptiste Brodard

In Switzerland, specific issues related to Muslims have recently emerged in public debates. In addition to the question of radicalization, Muslim migrant populations are affected by social problems...


A Response to Public Discourse? Intracultural Islamic Social Work in a Plural Society

  • Hansjörg Schmid
  • Baptiste Brodard

As the public discourse on Islam is strongly influenced by the issue of radicalisation, the topic of prevention is gaining in importance and legitimacy. While the Swiss welfare state leaves little ...


Studies of radicalization leading to violence in the name of Islam: mapping theoretical actors to better understand epistemological and ethical issues

  • Wael Saleh

Original title : "Les études de la radicalisation menant à la violence au nom de l’islam : cartographier les acteurs théoriques pour mieux comprendre les enjeux épistémologiques et éthiques" Abs...


The evolution of terrorism from Al Qaeda to ISIS: organization, methodology and profiles

  • Alberto Priego Moreno

Original title : "La evolución del terrorismo de Al Qaeda al ISIS: organización, metodología y perfiles" Abstract In the last 25 years international terrorism has evolved significantly. The e...


Living together with Muslims in Europe. Overcoming fear: a “spiritual exercise”

  • Jean-Marc Balhan

Original title : "Vivre ensemble avec des Musulmans en Europe. Dépasser la peur : un « exercice spirituel" In many European countries, the recent arrival of Muslims who have not directly shared...


In today’s Egypt, a stronger foundation for political violence

  • Paolo Gonzaga Paolo

Political repression in Egypt ravaged the Jama’at al Ikhwan al Muslimiin, the Muslim Brotherhood, formerly the strongest and most organized opposition group in the country. In today’s Egypt, the yo...


Denouncing the manipulations of the religious in geopolitical conflicts

First International Congress of the University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon (PLURIEL): geopolitical axis Speaker: Georges Corm, Professor at the Institute of Political Sc...