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Ysé Tardan Masquelier

Doctorate in history of religions and religious anthropology (University of Paris-Sorbonne), former student of the Ecole du Louvre, holder of a license in Indian studies, former student of the French School of Yoga.
Teaches religious anthropology and comparative religions at the University of Paris Sorbonne; teaches the history of Hinduism at Languages ​​O and at the Catholic Institute of Paris.
Directs the French School of Yoga and the editorial staff of the Revue française de Yoga.
Columnist in the World of Religions
Responsible for the creation of Planète Inde, a “human sciences-general public” collection on India published by Albin Michel

Source: Revue Etudes

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Institut Catholique de Paris - France

Dialogue between diverse cultural and religious ways of thinking (Closed)

e are always East or West of another culture. What happens when cultures meet? What happens when a Chinese person encounters a European line of thought or speech, the structures of which have been built and developed over centuries? Similarly, what happens when a Western individual encounters a Chinese idea, born out of a Chinese culture that has also been built and developed over centuries? Is it enough to know the language?

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