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International Conference On the Future of Islamic-theological Studies

The Swiss Centre for Islam and Society (University of Fribourg) is organising a conference in Zurich on 9 and 10 February 30 and 31 May 2022 on the theme “On the Future of a Young Discipline – Islamic-theological Studies between Systematic and Practical Research”. Scholars and experts from seven countries will exchange with CSIS doctoral students on issues and perspectives concerning Islamic academic reflection. In doing so, they will contribute to raising the profile of Islamic Theological Studies.

The lectures and discussions will be held in German and English with simultaneous translation into these two languages. Registration is possible until 26.01.2022.

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Le Centre suisse islam et société (Université de Fribourg) organise les 9 et 10 février 30 et 31 mai 2022 à Zurich (Salle Paulus Akademie) un colloque approfondissant la thématique « On the Future of a Young Discipline – Islamic-theological Studies between Systematic and Practical Research ». Des scientifiques et expert∙e∙s de sept pays échangeront avec les doctorant∙e∙s du CSIS à propos de questions et perspectives concernant la réflexion académique musulmane. Ce faisant, ils et elles contribueront au renforcement du profil des Études islamo-théologiques. 

Les conférences et discussions se tiendront en allemand et en anglais avec une traduction simultanée dans ces deux langues.

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Resources related toIslam Studies


Original Sin and the Qur’an

  • Gabriel Said Reynolds

The present article addresses the common view that the Qur’an has no doctrine of original sin. It begins by defining original sin with attention to the Bible and Christian tradition. Thereafter the...


Religious Alterities and Cultural Alterities: Issues of Debate in Islam

  • Samir Arbache

Conference given in Beirut on Tuesday 24 May 2022 during the Pluriel congress on the theme "Islam and Otherness".


The authority of the Ulemas, Glory and misery according to Abdel Jawad Yassin

  • Samir Arbache

Conference « Religious Authority in Islam », organised by the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions and the Research Unit of the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy), on 18 and 19 November 2...


Dār al-islām and dār al-ḥarb in contemporary Muslim thought

  • Farid Bouchiba

The purpose of the proposed paper is to question the division of the world into dār al-islām (land of Islam) and dār al-ḥarb (land of war), which is a classification introduced by Muslim jurisconsu...


Synthesis of the congress ‘Islam and Otherness’

  • Emmanuel Pisani

Friar Emmanuel Pisani, Director of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies, Cairo 3rd International Congress of the PLURIEL network, from 23 to 27 May 2022 in Beirut. In partnership with the ...


The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse

  • Wael Saleh

Full lecture title : 'The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse: an intra-religious otherness?' In what ways do non-Brother Muslims (especially secular, liberal and ...


The essentials of Islam

  • Jamel Khermimoun

Today, Islam in Europe and the West arouses curiosity, mistrust and questions. This book summarises the foundations of this religion, its history, its currents and the challenges it faces today, in...


Jalāl Al-Dīn Al-Suyūṭī: An Historical Contextualization Between Life and Works

  • Antonio Cuciniello

Jalāl al-Dīn al-Suyuṭī (1445-1505), as a religious scholar of the Egyptian Mamluk era, one of the most prominent scholars of the pre-modern Islamic world, is the most prolific author in all of ...