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“Abu Dhabi Declaration”, Theological UFO

In February 2019, Pope Francis visited Abu Dhabi, in the Arabian Peninsula. On this occasion, he signed a “Joint Declaration on Human Fraternity” with one of the highest Muslim dignitaries, Sheikh Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo. Fabien Hünenberger and Gabrielle Desarzens (RTS) asked Michel Younès, director of the Center for Studies of Cultures and Religions (CECr) at the Catholic University of Lyon, and Mohamed Bajrafil, linguist, theologian and imam at the Mosque of Ivry-sur -Seine, to comment the declaration.


L’émission BABEL sur la radio suisse RTS  a invité Michel Younès, directeur du Centre dʹétudes des cultures et des religions (CECR) à l’Université catholique de Lyon, et Mohammed Bajrafil, linguiste et théologien musulman, pour commenter la “Déclaration commune sur la fraternité humaine” co-signée par le pape François et le cheikh Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam de la mosquée al-Azhar au Caire.


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Elements of answers to a question studied by the research group on the theme "Authority and regulation in Islam" of the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions (CECR, UCLy) The question i...


Christianity and Islam: theologians in dialogue

Cahiers de la Revue théologique de Louvain N°45 co-edited by Michel Younès and André Wénin. This book initiates a dialogue between Christian and Muslim theologians on how the former view Islam and ...


Authority and Regulation in Islam – Research group in Lyon

Presentation of the research group on "Authority and Regulation in Islam" of the Centre for Cultural and Religious Studies (CECR, UCLy) with Michel Younès, Erwin Tanner and Haoues Seniguer. The gr...


Proceedings of the Second Congress “Islam and Belonging” of Pluriel

After its first international congress in Lyon from 6 to 9 September 2016 on the theme “Islam in the Plural: Faith, Thought, Society”[1], the current study brings together the proceedin...


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How to approach the different facets of the religious when it arises in the field of the enterprise? What role can the common law or rule have? What help can good practices in this area bring, with...


Proceedings of the Congress : Islam at plural, thought, faith, society

Publication of the proceedings of the first congress of PLURIEL held from 6 to 9 September 2016 at the Catholic University of Lyon. Directed by Ali Mostfa and Michel Younès. The theme of the ...


Presentation of the congress “Islam and Belonging” of PLURIEL

With the voices of members of the Scientific Comittee  


Interreligious dialogue: what future?

Under the direction of Michel Younès and Pierre Diarra, this book brings together the contributions of the many speakers at the colloquium “Quand le dialogue interreligieux se fait difficile&...

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