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Jamel Khermimoun

Jamel Khermimoun is a geographer and holds a PhD from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. He has a degree in Political, Cultural and Historical Geography and is a member of the Expert Advisory Group of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology (Yale School of the Environment, Yale University). He is the author of Politiques urbaines et image du territoire (L’Harmattan, 2008), Français et musulman (L’Œuvre, 2011), Ethique et environnement (L’Harmattan, 2016), L’environnement et l’islam (Albouraq, 2018), Islam in Modern Societies (Westbow Press, 2018) and L’essentiel sur l’islam (Albouraq, 2022). His research focuses on the relationship and interaction between identity, culture and spirituality in Europe and in modern societies. In parallel, he is interested in environmental and sustainable development issues and their spatial, societal and ethical dimensions. He is a member of the editorial board of The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society and a reviewer for The New Directions in the Humanities Journal Collection. He is a member of the research committees of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the research networks “Religion in Society”, “On Sustainability” and “Interdisciplinary Social Sciences” (University of Illinois).

Latest article, published in The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society : Environmental Crisis, Concept of Sustainable Development, Islamic Values, and a Global Alternative.

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Not without others: recognition of others and unity in Christ – on the relationship between mission and dialogue

  • Tobias Specker

Article published in the missiology journal ZMR 106 (2022/1-4), double issue: “Evangelisation and Fraternity in the Plural World


Education And Otherness: What are the Issues in a Context of Diversity?

  • Salim Daccache

In the era of the continuous call for the adoption of citizenship and living together (al Azhar declaration March 2017) and human brotherhood and common coexistence (Abu Dhabi document February 201...


The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse

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Full lecture title : 'The representation of non-Islamist Muslims in Sunni Islamist discourse: an intra-religious otherness?' In what ways do non-Brother Muslims (especially secular, liberal and ...


Thinking Islam in Europe

  • Alberto Fabio Ambrosio

Interview with Alberto F. Ambrosio, dominican friar, professor of Theology and Histpry of Religions at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society. Reporter : Raphaël Georgy With the collabor...


Muslim as ‘Other’ in former Yugoslavia

  • Cédomir Nestorovic

Balkan Islam, and in particular that of the former Yugoslavia, is plural because of its ethnic diversity. However, the collective perception does not see it that way, due to a double homogenisation...


Between Standardization And Otherness: Being A Muslim In The In The French Armed Forces

  • Elyamine Settoul

Already present since the colonisation process, the question of Islam within the French army has reappeared strongly with the settling down of the populations resulting from the great waves of indu...


Otherness and nationalisms, the threat of identity to openness

  • Antoine Fleyfel

This talk addresses the issue of Islam and otherness from the perspective of Christians in the Middle East. At the heart of the multiple constructions of identity since the mid-nineteenth century i...


The other in Islamic civilization: from the immanence of cultures to divine transcendence

  • Raja Sakrani

Lecture given at the 3rd International Congress of Pluriel on the theme "Islam and Otherness", on 24 May 2022, at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Read abstract on the French tab.