VILLAGRÁN Gonzalo - publié en Italie - texte en anglais, 2014
Ref : Islamochristiana 40 (2014) 125–147 - Télécharger au format PDF

SUMMARY: Muslim presence in Spain is much more recent than in other European countries so at times it is not clear if there is a real integration model in this country. Nevertheless, looking at the judicial framework permits the identification of quite a clear model of religious pluralism integration, which has allowed the Muslim community to establish itself and grow in Spain since the onset of democracy. The quick growth of the Muslim community is today pushing this model to its limits. The integration model is partially inspired by Catholic social–thought views on religious freedom and democracy and can be qualified as moderate communitarianism. A view from the Muslim perspective allows us to perceive the achievements of this model as well as to foresee some developments that will be necessary in order to meet today’s challenges.