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Jean Druel

After a Master’s Degree in theology and Coptic patrology (L’expérience spirituelle de saint Pachôme…, Catholic Institute in Paris, 2002), he graduated in Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language at the American University of Cairo (Emphatic sounds in educated Cairene Arabic, 2006). In 2012, he completed a PhD thesis in the history of Arabic grammar at the University of Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, under the supervision of Pr. Kees Versteegh (Numerals in Arabic grammatical theory).

He managed the 200 Project (2013‒2016), the aim of which is the historical contextualization of the works of 200 authors of the Arab Islamic heritage. He served as director of the IDEO between 2014 and 2020. He currently studies a manuscript of Sībawayh’s (180/796?) Kitāb that has never been edited.

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Institut dominicain d’Etudes orientales - Egypt

Project 200 : An historical contextualization of 200 authors from the Arab Muslim heritage (Closed)

The project is to report systematically on 200 former Arab authors (belonging to the first 10 centuries of the Hegira ) their lists of works (lost, written or edited ) and the relationships that these works have with each other (commentary, summary , refutation … ) We will give importance to the links between the […]

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