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Giovanni Giacalone

He holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies from Trinity Saint David, with a thesis on the development of Islamic communities in Italy. He is a sociologist and specialist in Islam. Giacalone is also a member of the Italian Association of Sociology, and in particular of its branch on religion. His main research areas are political Islam and Islamic radicalism in Italy, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Malta.
His research interest has recently shifted to Sufi Islam, and he currently cooperates with several national and international institutes and media.

Member of the Research group

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Italy

For a preventive Islamic de-radicalization. The Re-Configuration of the Humanities within an inter-religious approach. (Milan)

Research group held by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan.
The return to the humanities is not only necessary, but crucial for the promotion of a de-radicalising approach to both societies: the Islamic world and Europe. This research project intends to work not only in relation to the Islamic world or the Old Continent, but to both at the same time.
The aim is to create a project of preventive de-radicalisation of Muslim citizens and society, working on a double methodological and interdisciplinary axis: the teaching of Islam, its history, its religious tradition, its sociology, etc. in parallel with the religious, cultural and historical approach of the European world and the West.

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Member of the Research group

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - Italy

Dynamics of Islamic radicalization in Europe: prevention and educational policies (Closed)

Since the “Arab Springs” breakout in 2011, Islamist radicalization in Europe progressively grew as ISIS spread violence and chaos in Iraq, Syria and Libya. The so-called “Islamic State” brought a new vision of radical Islam which tears down all ethnic, national, cultural and linguistic barriers in order to promote a totalitarian view of religion that does not tolerate any type of distinction. No difference is made, at least in theory, even between converts and Muslim-born volunteers.

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Resources related toSufism


The authority of mystics: reality or overdetermination of Islamic scholars? Through the eyes of Maurice Borrmans

  • Florence Javel

Conference « Religious Authority in Islam », organised by the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions and the Research Unit of the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy), on 18 and 19 November 2...


Words of the Sufis. Muslim Mysticism and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius

  • Maurice de Fenoyl

Author : Maurice de Fenoyl, sj Resource related to the group « Islam and society in contemporary Spain » Résumé : This compilation of Sufi texts sets in relation Saint Ignatius’ Spiritual Ex...


Islamic and christian spiritualities in Spain: influences, similarities, and parallels

  • Francisco de Borja Medina Rojas

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Towards an islamic dialogical and a-controversial theology

  • Adnane Mokrani

First International Congress of the University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon (PLURIEL): theological area Speaker: Adnane Mokrani, Associate Professor at the Pontifical Ins...


Basra, cradle of Islamic culture. An analysis of the urban area that was the early home of Islamic Studies

  • Marco Demichelis

Abstract Several factors account for the primacy of Baúra in Islamic studies, some attributable to objective reasons, some to prevailing anthropological, historical and political conditions. Baú...


The mystical experience and its impact on the Christian-Muslim dialogue

  • Michel Younès

Edited by Michel Younès Not being the object of its own quest, mysticism aims, according to the figures and the cultural and religious contexts, at different realities: the search for a personal Go...