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José Luis Llaquet de Entrambasaguas

In 2001 I defended my doctoral thesis in law at the Universitat de Barcelona. Since 2001, I have combined research and teaching of legal subjects in different universities, as a lecturer in private universities and as an associate in public universities. For some time I served as a substitute magistrate at the Barcelona Court of Appeal and for another period I practised as a lawyer.

Between 1994 and 2013 I lived in Barcelona. I worked for 12 years in various parishes; I was a diocesan judge and judicial notary in the Ecclesiastical Tribunal and a teacher of spirituality. In 2005, I decided to temporarily leave the exercise of the priesthood and, in 2011, I asked for the reduction to the lay state, which was granted. In 2013 I joined the newly created Universidad Loyola Andalucía of the Society of Jesus as a lecturer.

My current academic interests cover a broad spectrum of legal, philosophical, religious and social knowledge that includes law, canonical matrimonial law, professional ethics, education, history, theology-divinity, spirituality and the humanities.

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Facultad de Teologia de la Universidad Loyola - Spain

Islam and society in contemporary Spain (Granada)

Because the presence of Muslim communities in Spain is relatively recent, and because there is not a long tradition of theological study of Islam, we want to start our dialogue with the Islamic tradition by understanding the characteristics of Islam of Spain and the way it interacts with the rest of the Spanish society. Our […]

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