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Juan Macias Amoretti

Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the University of Granada, researcher in contemporary Arabic studies at the UGR and associate researcher at the Jacques Berque Center in Rabat.
His research interests include political Islam and contemporary Arab political thought.

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Facultad de Teologia de la Universidad Loyola - Spain

Islam and society in contemporary Spain (Granada)

Because the presence of Muslim communities in Spain is relatively recent, and because there is not a long tradition of theological study of Islam, we want to start our dialogue with the Islamic tradition by understanding the characteristics of Islam of Spain and the way it interacts with the rest of the Spanish society. Our […]

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Resources related toPolitical Islam


The Mihna. Deconstruction and reconsideration of the Mu’tazilite role in the “Inquisition

  • Marco Demichelis

Abstract The Miḥna has usually been attributed to the Mu‘tazilite theological school as expression of something unusual, a bid‘ah (Islamic innovation) related to a rationalist group of theologia...


The (neo) Muslim Brothers and the new capitalist spirit

  • Haoues Seniguer



The Theory of Inclusion / Moderation as a Gate to Islamic Populism: The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt, Palestine, Jordan and Syria)

  • Alberto Priego Moreno

Original title : La Teoría de la Inclusión/Moderación como puerta hacia el Populismo Islámico: El caso de los Hermanos Musulmanes (Egipto, Palestina, Jordania y Siria) Abstract In the last deca...


What power does religion have? Questions for Christianity and Islam

  • Tobias Specker

Das Thema „Religion und Macht“ ist umfangreicher als die Frage nach dem Verhältnis der Religion zum Staat und zu demokratischen Strukturen. Im Namen Gottes wird in menschliches Leben eingegriffen, ...


Salafist Islam, despotism and modernity according to Abdel-Jawâd Yassine

  • Samir Arbache

Original title : "Islam salafiste, despotisme et modernité d'après Abdel-Jawâd Yassine" The societies of the Middle East remain more marked than elsewhere by the omnipresence of the religious fa...


The “jinsiyya” obsession and the Muwatana veil: the constitutional politics of citizenship in the 21st century

Conference of Gianluca PAROLIN the Second PLURIEL International Congress in Rome. Nation-states have added a further level of complexity to the multiple dimensions of belonging: that of (national)...


Controversy over the perception and status of the other (wala and bara)

  • Emmanuel Pisani

Lecture by Emmanuel PISANI, during the Second International Congress of PLURIEL in Rome The concepts of wala and bara [loyalty/friendship – disloyalty/enmity] have led to the development of a theo...


Membership in the ummah: topicality, ambiguities and issues

Conference of Ghaleb BENCHEIKH, Chairman of the World Conference of Religions for Peace and president of the Fondation de l'islam de France