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Roula Talhouk

Roula started her studies in architecture at Saint Esprit-Kaslik University, after which she turned to religious sciences where she was strongly interested in the accompaniment of young people and then the accompaniment of the dying, then she finished her studies with a doctorate in practical theology from Saint Joseph University in Beirut . At the same time, she studied anthropology at the Lebanese University, crowned by a doctorate in anthropology of religions from the University Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3, in the field of culture and religions of the Arab and Muslim world. She is strongly interested in the anthropology of the body, pain and the different religious anthropologies, impregnated by a long human experience of physical suffering due to her illness.

Currently, she holds the position of coordinator of the masters courses of the Faculty of Religious Sciences of the Saint Joseph University of Beirut, which include a master’s degree in Islamic-Christian relations. She is also the director of the Centre for Documentation and Islamic-Christian Studies and teaches courses in anthropology, practical theology and methodology in the faculty.

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Université Saint Joseph - Lebanon

Theological perception of the other and cross-views in a plural religious context (Beirut)

Comparative study of university curricula on religious pluralism and dialogue in Lebanon

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