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Tobias Specker

Jesuit, studied German Literature, Catholic Theology and Islamic Studies in Freiburg, Bochum and Frankfurt. He received a PhD with a thesis on Jean-Luc Marion and graduated in Islamic Theology with a study on the figure of Paul of Tarsus in present Turkish theology and classical sources. At the moment he is Junior professor for “Catholic Theology in the light of Islam” at Sankt Georgen Graduate school of Philosophy and Theology, Frankfurt.

Member of the Research group

Kircher Network - Spain

Jesuit Conference of European Provincials - Belgique

HEST Cluster: Christian-Muslim Relations (Europe)

Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST) programme aims to bring Higher Education institutions and Social Centres of the Society of Jesus in Europe together so that they can contribute to the real changes our societies need by developing sound research. The topic on Christian Muslim Relations gathers a cluster of Jesuit Higher Education Institutions working […]

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