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Islamic-theological studies with a focus on “Islam and society” (Fribourg)

The Swiss Centre “Islam and Society” runs a doctoral programme “Islam and Society: Islamic-theological studies” designed to study specific, multidisciplinary themes and to support doctoral students in research projects related to Islamic studies and society in the Swiss context.

Multidisciplinary approach

It is a research and training programme with both specific and transversal themes. It is aimed at doctoral students with a research project promoting topics related to Islamic-theological studies and society. The project is distinguished by its focus on systematic (anthropology, contextual interpretations of Islam, social ethics) and practical (social work, chaplaincy, religious pedagogy) perspectives.

Members of the research team : Arlinda Amiti, Alexander Boehmler, Safia Boudaoui, Baptiste Brodard, Esma Isis-Arnautovic, Nadire Mustafi, Dilek Ucak-Ekinci

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Group members

Hansjörg Schmid

Director of the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society, Professor of Christian and Interreligious Social Ethics - University of Fribourg.

Amir Dziri

Professor for Islamic Studies; Director of the Swiss Center of Islam and Society

Baptiste Brodard

Postdoctoral fellow in social sciences and Islamic studies, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico

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