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Baptiste Brodard

Baptiste Brodard obtained his Ph.D. in religious studies at the Swiss Centre for Islam and Society (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) where he wrote a thesis on Islamic social work in response to social problems such as exclusion and identity-based conflicts in Western societies. The thesis’ field is the interface between sociology and Islamic theology in the contemporary context.

Along with his academic cursus, he traveled to nearly 50 countries worldwide with the aim of meeting Muslim communities and scholars. He focused on social change, social actions and cultural issues. These trips gave him a strong cultural awareness of various communities and societies.

At a professional level, he worked few years as a social worker in prisons in Switzerland, as a childhood protection agent and as a adults’ trainer. He was also employed by the United Nations in Algeria as a programme and projects manager, where he was in charge among other things of a national detainees rehabilitation programme. More recently, he took part to an academic research in the UK investigating Islamic organizations and their network and political inclusion.

He is currently preparing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Universidad Veracruzana in Mexico, and at the same time is engaged in theological reflection by being associated with the Maqasid Institute in the United States.

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Centre suisse islam et société - Switzerland

Islamic-theological studies with a focus on “Islam and society” (Fribourg)

The Swiss Centre “Islam and Society” runs a doctoral programme “Islam and Society: Islamic-theological studies” designed to study specific, multidisciplinary themes and to support doctoral students in research projects related to Islamic studies and society in the Swiss context. Multidisciplinary approach It is a research and training programme with both specific and transversal themes. It […]

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