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Religious fundamentalism (Closed)

The research group seeks to clarify the mechanisms of fundamentalism and its various expressions. Very often, ideological and ritualistic orders are so interwoven that they lead to community identifications.

The understanding of the religious fundamentalism involves the analysis of its historical, sociological, anthropological and psychological aspects. It is based on a literalist and strict mechanism. The research aim is also to understand the place and the interactions of this phenomenon with the current francophone Muslim context, to see how to defuse the verses of violence in the Quran and what forms of condemnations or justifications of violence we may give.

A commemoration of Father Maurice Borrmans, a member of this research group, who died on December 26, 2017, took place at the PISAI Library (Rome) on Saturday, February 17, 2018.


Group members

Michel Younès

Professor of Theology and Islam Studies, Deputy Director of the Research Unit "CONFLUENCE Sciences & Humanités", Director of the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions (CECR) - UCLy

Maurice Borrmans

Professor Emeritus at PISAI, died in 2017

Emmanuel Pisani

Director of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO, Cairo).

Malek Chaïeb

Research fellow at CECR, UCLy

Bénédicte Du Chaffaut

Researcher at the Centre d'Etudes des Cultures et des Religions of the Catholic University of Lyon

Mohamed-Ali Mostfa

Lecturer on the Arab-Muslim world and intercultural representations - Catholic University of Lyon.

Erwin Tanner

Director of Missio Switzerland (Director of the Pontifical Missionary Works in Switzerland)

Samir Arbache

Professor in theology and history of religions, doctor in philosophy and letters: studies on the Arab world - Catholic University of Lille.

Haoues Seniguer

Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Science Po Lyon

Julien Fragnon

Associate researcher at the research unit Triangle UMR 5206 and teacher at the Institute of Political Studies in Lyon

Geneviève Gobillot

Professor Emeritus, Specialisation in Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Lyon 3, Jean Moulin

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