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Emmanuel Pisani

Dominican brother, Emmanuel Pisani has a doctorate in philosophy (University of Lyon III), a doctorate in theology (UCLy), a canonical license in theology, a certificate in islamology (P.I.S.A.I.), and a DEA in political science (IEP. Bordeaux).
He is a Lecturer at the Theologicum, where he directs the Institute of Sciences and Theology of Religions (ICP, Paris), and since 2020 he is the Director of the Dominican Institute of Oriental Studies (IDEO, Cairo).

He was awarded the Mohammed Arkoun Prize for his thesis in Islamology.

Member of the Research group

Institut Catholique de Paris - France

Islam and Otherness (Paris)

In the global context of identity tensions, migratory flows, depreciation of the image of the Muslim world and its association to Daesh and al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks, the Institute of Science and Theology of Religions in Paris intends to carry out a research on the capacity of Islam to maintain a constructive and peaceful relationship with […]

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